They reveal a document with which Segob seeks to “convince” PRI members to vote in favor of military reform

This morning, a draft bill was unveiled in the Senate. complementary initiative which was already approved in commissions so that the security cabinet appears every six months before Congress.

The document, which is still in “draft” quality, seeks to unblock the negotiations so that the reform is approved so that the presence of the Armed Forces in the streets until 2028.

The PAN caucus denounced that the new proposal was prepared by Dr. Elva Arjona, whom it identifies as an official of the Ministry of the Interior.

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The initiative proposes to reform the sixth transitional article of the Constitution, to force the heads of the Secretaries of Security and Citizen Protection, National Defense and the Navy, to appear bimonthly before a bicameral commission, in order to evaluate the progress, formation and operation of the National Guard.

The coordinator of the PAN in the Senate, Julen Rementeriawarned that his bench rejects this new reform initiativewhich was not formally delivered to him.

The document specifies that it is an “initiative with a draft Decree that adds two paragraphs to the Sixth transitory Article of the Decree by which various provisions of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States are reformed, added and repealed, in matters of the National Guard “.

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The proposal intends to provide what is conducive, so that the Congress of the Union is duly informed of the advances that are registered in the conformation and operation of the National Guardand the participation of the Secretaries of National Defense, Navy and Public Security and Citizen Protection in this process.

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“Two paragraphs are added to the Sixth Transitory Article of the Decree that amends, adds and repeals various provisions of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, regarding the National Guard, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on March 26 of 2019”, he details.

The project states that the Bicameral Security Commission will summon every six months to appear the heads of the Secretaries of Security and Citizen Protection and those of National Defense and the Navy, “in order to carry out the evaluation of the advances in the conformation and operation of the National Guard. The reports referred to in the previous paragraph must contain objective indicators; for the purpose of determining the indicators and analysis, the Bicameral Commission will convene a high-level group made up of civil organizations and academic specialists in security matters , being able to convene experts on local matters”.

Monreal denies that a complementary initiative on the Armed Forces has been prepared by Segob

The coordinator of Morena and president of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate, Ricardo Monreal Avilaconfirmed the authenticity of the initiative circulating this morning among legislators that would complement the reform to extend until 2028 the participation of the armed forces in public security tasks.

In an interview, the Zacatecan legislator denied that the document had been prepared in the Ministry of the Interior, as the coordinator of the PAN caucus, Julen Rementería, denounced.

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“That is false, totally false, I guarantee you, it is being written here,” he pointed out.

Wasn’t it a proposal from the Interior?

“No, no, it is being drafted here with a group of senators, including me. (…) Since yesterday work has been going on, so it is false that it comes from a government office. It is being prepared here, in the Senate of the Republic, everything we have done is being done here in the Senate of the Republic”, he remarked.

With information from Víctor Gamboa Arzola and Luis Carlos Rodríguez

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