this is all it includes

The new Windows 11 update is now available: this is all that it includes

The major update received by users of Windows 11 It will begin to be deployed today in more than 190 countries, as indicated by the company itself in the statement published on its website. Millions of people use the Microsoft operating system and that is why this update is essential to improve the performance and security of computers. By the way, if you want to know how to factory reset a Windows 11 PC, check out the trick what we offer you in Urban Techno.

These are the new features included in the most important update of Windows 11

If you’re thinking of upgrading, give us a few minutes of your time to show you the four main areas what will they be improved in Windows 11. The main reasons to take a new step in the Microsoft operating system are: to improve the productivitythat he computer be a product simple and safe to use, use Windows to connect, create and playin addition to introducing improvements in the place of worked.

improve productivity

This Windows 11 update promises greater stability and productivity for the user

This Windows 11 update promises greater stability and productivity for the user. unsplash

The funcionality Snap layouts will be more versatile from now on, with a better touch navigation and the possibility of group tabs in Microsoft Edge. On the other hand, the functionalities focus sessions Y Do not disturbwhich will allow the user to have the muted notifications and you can’t see app badges and notifications on the taskbar. In addition, the application Clock is also integrated into the session, including a timer and reminding the user when to take a break.

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Your PC: a simple and safe device to use

Screenshot of wide subtitles in Windows 11

Screenshot of wide subtitles in Windows 11. Windows

Accessibility will be one of the big areas of improvement in this update, including a new wide subtitle system, as you can see in the image above. In terms of security, the Smart App control is added, a system that will allow you to download applications without worries, and Microsoft Defender is added to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Windows is the place to connect, create and play

It will be possible to blur the background in video calls natively

It will be possible to blur the background in video calls natively. Windows

The video calls they are part of the ecosystem and that is why they are introduced tools for remove the noises background, for blur what is behind the person making the video call or to focus your gaze in the camera. In addition, it integrates clipchamp as a video editing tool and has been redesigned Microsoft Storeincluding the amazon-appstore.

Workplace improvements

Screenshot of the Smart App Control app

Screenshot of the Smart App Control app. Windows

Companies that use Windows 11 on a daily basis will also have some new features present in this update. The funcionality Microsoft Defender SmartScreen It will allow detecting when a person in the organization accesses a hacked web page or uses a malicious app through their Microsoft credentials. WindowsHello it will unlock the device when the user approaches and lock it when they move away. The funcionality SmartApp Control It will allow blocking suspicious applications, being able to predict their security level in real time thanks to AI.

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