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Several users have complained about spam or commercial calls, where a company tries to convince you to buy their products or simply hangs up once you have answered.

Over the years, many complaints have been made about this kind of telephone harassment. Indecopi recorded in the Special Monitoring Center (CEMI) 10,897 reports and inquiries about this type of practice.

How to block spam calls?

Arturo Goga, technology specialist and content creator, shared on his Twitter account steps to be able to block these calls.

Android: Google has improved, over time, the filter of spam calls what’s in your app’s “Telephone”. It is the most complete of Google Play and is the most effective method to block.

You must go to the application, look for the three horizontal points and click on settings. Inside you select “Caller ID and spam”, and then activate the options of Verified calls and more. Below is an image to understand the process.

How to block spam calls on Android.  (Photo: GEC)
How to block spam calls on Android. (Photo: GEC)

iPhone: Look for the option to silence unidentified calls, which you find in the phone application of iOS. Once inside you select “mute or block unknown numbers”.

Spam calling apps?

Faced with complaints about spam calls, users have looked for different options to avoid these conversations. These are mostly free, but you should read their terms and conditions carefully.

According to Goga, many create a network of contacts with all the numbers they have blocked and they may share the data with operators, thus creating a vicious circle.

Above all, because applications of the same cell phone can help with certain changes in the aforementioned configuration.

How to report spam calls?

It is possible to file a claim with Indecopi through the channels of the Subdirectorate of Citizen Services and the “Citizen Surveillance” form, where consumers can indicate that they are affected by telephone calls from providers.

In addition, you can write an email to [email protected] or by calling 224 7777 (Lima) and 0-800-4-4040.

At the time of the complaint, the company and the details of what happened must be detailed.


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