To achieve consensus, military reform could be modified, says Monreal

Morena’s coordinator in the Senate, Ricardo Monrealsaid that the constitutional reform that extends until 2028 the participation of the Armed forces in public security tasks, this to achieve a consensus with the opposition groups.

Through a video broadcast on Twitter he trusted that this process that is being carried out “we hope to conclude it with consensus. We are going to make an extraordinary effort.”

“In order to be able, even if necessary, to modify the content of the minutes and achieve that we all agree, that is what Parliament is about, particularly in the Senate.”

Monreal indicated that the approval of the reform is pending for the next few days and “we continue to seek consensus. We need a qualified majority and that always represents more work and greater effort. But, we are going to do it, because we want public security that regain our peace of mind.”

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Also president of the Political Coordination Boardargued that before the arrival of this government, “the Armed Forces were illegal or unconstitutional, because there was no legal basis, as there is now, in the fifth transition.”

“We want reliable public security forces. No one, absolutely no one can deny that the auxiliary, extraordinary and subordinate work of the soldiers and sailors has been for the good of the country.”

He said that “we have lacked the transition to create civil organs of citizen protection. But, in these months is where we must focus all our energy on the creation, strength of municipal police, state police and the National Guard“.

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* With information from Victor Gamboa

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