Today’s Matches: Nashville vs America: Summary, goals and highlights of the Leagues Cup match

Final Score: Nashville (4) 3-3 (2) America | League Cup 2022

Friends of MARCA Claro thank you very much for following minute by minute of the 2022 Leagues Cup match, where the eagles of America fell in a penalty shootout against Nashville.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT | Nashville 4-2 America | NASHVILLE GOOOAAAL! Brian Anunga crosses the ball and gives victory to his team.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT | Nashville 3-2 America | GOOOOOOL OF AMERICA! The eagles live with a good execution by Miguel Layn.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT | Nashville 3-1 America | NASHVILLE GOOOAAAL! Luke Haakenson puts the ball at an angle and increases the lead for the Americans.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT | Nashville 2-1 America | Romn Martnez flies the ball after a powerful shot that goes over the top.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT | Nashville 2-1 America | Nashville GOOOOOL! Maher tricks Tapia and puts his team ahead again.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT | Nashville 1-1 America | GOOOOOL OF AMERICA! Federico Vias ties from eleven steps.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT | Nashville 1-0 America | NASHVILLE GOOOOOL! Ethan Zubak scores the first of the set.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT | Nashville 0-0 America | TACKLE THE PROTERO! Álvaro Fidalgo crosses the ball, but the goalkeeper jumps to the same place and everything remains even.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT | Nashville 0-0 America | TACKLE THE PROTERO! Fernando Tapia stops Leal’s shot.

90+6′ | Nashville 3-2 America | The game ends and we go to a penalty shootout at GEODIS Park in Tennessee.

90+5′ | Nashville 3-2 America | GOOOOOOOL OF AMERICA! Román Martínez is attentive and takes advantage of the goalkeeper’s rebound to tie the match. Great match closing and America tied it.

90+3′ | Nashville 3-2 America | The eagles do not give up the attack despite being with one less player and go with everything for the draw in Tennessee.

90′ | Nashville 3-2 America | Six more minutes are added.

88′ | Nashville 3-2 America | NASHVILE GOOOOOL! The ball is lost in the small area after a corner charge and Maher attentively pushes the ball to give her team the advantage again.

82′ | Nashville 2-2 America | America’s counterattack that almost ended in a goal. Fidalgo bites the ball and Zendejas almost arrives with his head and Nashville is saved.

77′ | Nashville 2-2 America | Both teams have had scoring chances in this final stretch of the match.

70′ | Nashville 2-2 America | We reach the last 20 minutes of the League Cup game, the eagles already have many of their starters on the pitch.

62′ | Nashville 2-2 America | America changes. Jonathan Rodríguez, Emilio Lara, Richard Sánchez and Alejandro Zendejas enter the field.

58′ | Nashville 2-2 America | The eagles react and are giving good minutes. Damm crosses from the right, Vias drops the ball to Brian Rodríguez and the shot is blocked by a defender.

50′ | Nashville 2-2 America | GOOOOOOOL OF AMERICA! Miguel Layn takes a powerful shot with his right foot and ties the match, the defender from América hangs the ball at an angle to score a great goal.

46′ | Nashville 2-1 America | Roger Martnez opens the space and when he is in front he sends the ball over the top. The eagles jump into the field with greater intensity.

46′ | Nashville 2-1 America | Actions resume in the United States, America loses it.

Nashville vs Am

Such is the atmosphere at GEODIS Park in Tennessee

Nashville vs Am
Nashville vs Am

45+2′ | Nashville 2-1 America | Csar Arturo Ramos whistles the end of the first half in Tennessee, we go to halftime with the advantage for the Americans.

43′ | Nashville 2-1 America | Miguel Layn is late for a play and is cautioned.

40′ | Nashville 2-1 America | scar Jimnez puts on his hero cape again, the American goalkeeper for a sung goal by Ak Loba. America is saved after a ball lost by Miguel Layn.

37′ | Nashville 2-1 America | GOOOOOOL OF AMERICA! Jonathan dos Santos leaves Jrgen Damm alone with a fantastic pass and brings the Mexicans closer to the scoreboard. Damm hits him with first intention and scores a great goal.

30′ | Nashville 2-0 America | The azulcremas face the local goal again and now Salvador Reyes cannot finish well and hands the ball to the rival goalkeeper.

23′ | Nashville 2-0 America | The Americans are big dominators of the game, America is having a hard time at GEODIS Park in Tennessee.

17′ | Nashville 2-0 America | Luke Haakenson is the first player to be booked in the match, this after a reckless tackle on Brian Rodríguez.

14′ | Nashville 2-0 America | NASHVILLE GOOOAAAL! Jacob Shaffelburg closes the clamp after a poisonous cross down the left side, where Miguel Layn has had many defensive problems. The Americans already hit double.

11′ | Nashville 1-0 America | America reacts in a good way and has already knocked on the local door. Federico Vias is left alone in front of the goal and when defining he sends the ball from one side.

05′ | Nashville 1-0 America | NASHVILLE GOOOAAAL! Bauer heads inside the area and the American team already opens the scoring. The Nashville player enters alone and no one can avoid the header.

02′ | Nashville 0-0 America | Scar Jimnez makes a save at close range, the Eagles goalkeeper deflects the ball in a shot by Teal Bunbury in the small area. Feline reflexes by the Mexican goalkeeper.

01′ | Nashville 0-0 America | The whistle blows the start of the League Cup match, the ball is already rolling on the pitch at GEODIS Park in Tennessee.

Nashville vs Am


Nashville vs Am

The eagles are already warming up on the grass of GEODIS Park in Tennessee

Nashville vs Am

This is how America jumps to the field tonight

These are the eleven chosen in the American team

Nashville vs Am

Cincinnati vs Chivas is still delayed

Although the duel between Cincinnati and Chivas has been delayed by electrical storm, The duel of the eagles in Nashville will take place at the agreed time and will start at 8:00 p.m.

This is how the American team will take the field

America’s absences tonight

For this meeting the eagles will not have elements such as Guillermo Ochoa, Sebastián Cceres, Luis Fuentes, Nstor Araujo, Diego Valds or Henry Martín.

Which teams participate in the League Cup 2022?

The Nashville vs. America game is part of a tripleheader that will also feature the FC Cincinatti vs. Chivas (September 21) and Real Salt Lake vs. Atlas (September 22).

This is how America arrived at the stadium for tonight’s duel

Nashville vs Am

How do both squads get to the duel?

Both teams arrive with a good streak. The Mexican club has gone 11 games without defeat (12 taking into account the friendly against LAFC), with 10 wins and only one draw; the American team has six without falling, with four wins and two draws.


Friends of MARCA Claro are welcome minute by minute of the League Cup match, where the America eagles will face Nashville SC at GEODIS Park in Tennessee. The Mexican team will have several absences due to the players who are in the Mexican team.

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