Together for Peru should withdraw the candidacy of Gonzalo Alegría, says Ruth Luque

the congresswoman Ruth Luquealternate spokesperson for Democratic Change -bench to which Together for Peru (JPP) belongs-, expressed his rejection of the candidate for Mayor of Lima Gonzalo Alegría, accused by his own son of alleged psychological and sexual violence.

In News Extensionthe legislator considered that the party should withdraw Alegría’s candidacy, due to the seriousness of this accusation.

“The party, within the framework of the inquiries it makes, must make this decision (withdraw the candidacy). It is an individual opinion, given that they have an Ethics Commission that will surely begin the discharges, ”he said.

“We understand that the party Together for Peru it has issued a statement, it is opening an agile, rapid investigation through its Ethics Commission; and it is the political party that has to make a decision according to the facts,” he added.

For Ruth Luque, this type of complaint puts on the agenda the “political responsibility” of the parties when choosing their representatives in the different elections.

In this regard, he pointed out that his bench has presented an initiative to prohibit people investigated or sentenced in the first instance for crimes of family violence and homicides from being candidates. “It’s a legislative initiative that we presented last year,” he said.

Can the application be withdrawn?

Despite what was said by Ruth Luque, which joins other voices calling for the withdrawal of Alegría’s candidacy; the executive director of the Peruvian Institute of Electoral Law, Jose Manuel Villalobospointed out that this is not possible.

In interview with RPP Newsthe expert pointed out that the National Elections Jury (JNE) and the party for which he is running (Together for Peru) cannot withdraw him from the candidacy because the deadlines have already expired.

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“Beyond the complaint; at the electoral level, nothing could happen against him, because Together for Peru had until August 3 to withdraw their candidate. It is no longer possible to withdraw a candidacy if after the complaint the party decides to do so, ”he said in The Keys of the Day.


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