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Regarding the meetings with investors, including relevant players in the financial market such as Schroders, Vanguard, EMSO, Trager, Compass, Moneda, Wellington and QFR, among others, President Boric said that it was made clear that “Chile is a safe country where the rules are respected.

During the day this Wednesday and in the middle of his visit to the United States for the UN General Assembly held in New York, President Gabriel Boric referred to the differences that exist in government coalitions regarding the Comprehensive and Progressive Treaty of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP11).

In the middle of a press point, the president referred to the controversial process saying that “It is not something that the Government is promoting.”

“In all the coalitions that support governments in history, there have been differences on certain points. It’s not a new difference.” said regarding the parliamentarians of I approve Dignity.

President Boric went on to say that “It is very clear that there is a sector of those who support the government that have always been critical of TPP-11.”

“Even today we saw statements from other senators who were critical of this. I myself voted against and we asked for a special session in the Chamber of Deputies when it was voted in 2017″, he added.

“It is totally true that the TPP11 is not part of our program, therefore it is not something that the Government is promoting,” Boric acknowledged.

Despite this, he declared that “it is clear that the Senate has the powers to put it on the table and make a decision on it. Based on what the Senate said, we as a Government have the duty to safeguard the interests of Chile”.

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Gabriel Boric refers to TPP11 and meeting with Marcel

On the other hand and within the same press point, President Gabriel Boric referred to the meeting he had between the Minister of Finance, MarioMarcel, and the president of the World Bank, David Malpass.

“With the minister (Mario) Marcel we have a total trust regarding the importance of fiscal responsibility”, said.

“What we have learned from our historical experience as a country, but also from recent experience, is that in order to face structural reforms we must do them well,” he added from New York.

The national authority added that “In this there is no difference in the Government. The message that Minister Marcel has transmitted to the different international organizations, countries and foreign investors is something that we fully share: Chile is a safe country where rules are respected”.

“We are committed to having a healthy economy. Because we know that many times there can be shortcuts that seem tempting, but always end in bad news for those who are most vulnerable”, he insisted.

“We are not going to fall into any kind of shortcut of these characteristics and the Fiscal policy is going to be responsible, as the national and international community has recognized through Minister Marcel,” Boric concluded.

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