Transport and closed spaces: the Government ordered the end of the use of the chinstrap

The Government ordered the end of the mandatory use of the chinstrap in public transport and closed spaces
The Government ordered the end of the mandatory use of the chinstrap in public transport and closed spaces

Two and a half years after the start of the pandemic COVID-19the National Government ordered the end of the use of the chinstrap/mask in public transport and closed spaces.

The measure was confirmed by the Resolution 1849/2022 of Ministry of Healthpublished this Wednesday in the Official bulletin: “The non-mandatory nature of the use of the chinstrap is established,” indicates the norm.

However, the portfolio in charge of Carla Vizzetti, continues to recommend its use “in interior spaces, including work, educational, social settings and public transport”; and among the “general prevention measures”, it is suggested: to ensure the ventilation of the environments; maintain proper and frequent hand hygiene; In the presence of symptoms, avoid contact with other people, do not go to work, social, educational activities, public places and avoid the use of transportation.

“Each Jurisdiction may adopt the pertinent recommendations based on its particular epidemiological situation and the planned health strategy”clarifies the Government in the resolution published this morning.

The mandatory use of the chinstrap was established at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Then, as the vaccination campaign progressed, and infections and deaths decreased, it became more flexible in several areas, maintaining the obligation of its use in closed spaces and transport.

The Government pointed out “three great waves of infections” that occurred in Argentina: the first with two peaks in mid-2020 and at the beginning of 2021, the second in the middle of last year and the last at the beginning of 2022. The latter “occurs within the framework of a population with high vaccination coverage”, highlighted the Executive Branch. “Currently, after a new period of increase, of lesser magnitude than the previous ones, a period of sustained decrease in cases is evident,” it was added.

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“From the beginning of the National Vaccination Campaign against COVID-19 until September 6, 2022, coverage of 82.5% was achieved in the general population and 81.7% in those over 3 years of age with two (2) doses of vaccine, and 46.7% in the general population and 73.5% in those over 60 years of age with the first booster”, specified the Ministry of Health. Regarding the occupancy of intensive care beds by COVID-19, all provinces are below 75% occupancy and the number of patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU) reported by the jurisdictions shows a slight decrease in last four weeks.

Meanwhile, so far in 2022, “unusual behavior can be noted both in seasonality and the number of registered cases of influenza, as well as the frequency and distribution of other respiratory viruses.” Despite the fact that the Government established that the use of the chinstrap is no longer mandatory, it was emphasized that it is “an effective tool to prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses from person to person and its use is beneficial for the prevention of seasonal diseases.”

“In this new stage of the pandemic, it can be affirmed that SARS-CoV-2 is a seasonally circulating virus and, furthermore, that natural immunity and/or vaccination does not guarantee its elimination, therefore situations can arise. individuals where it is necessary to establish the use of a chinstrap, ”explained the health portfolio.

In mid-June, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires ordered that the use of the chinstrap be optional in closed places and in the subways, however, it remained mandatory for buses and trains that circulate through the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA). ), as they are services that depend on national jurisdiction. With the resolution of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, as of today the jurisdictions will be able to adopt the pertinent measures in this regard according to their particular epidemiological situation.

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