Tremor today: They capture strange lights in the sky during the early morning earthquake (VIDEOS)

During the earthquake of preliminary magnitude of 6.9 that was recorded in the early hours of this Thursday, September 22, south of Coalcomán, Michoacán and that shook Mexico City, Jalisco and other states, Users shared videos of strange blue lights that were seen in the sky.

The lights further confused and frightened people who were on the streets to stay safe. Some users point out that it was the light transformers that exploded, while others think that it is lightning, however this phenomenon is called triboluminescence And it has a scientific explanation.

What is triboluminescence?

According to the Institute of Physics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, “triboluminescence is a phenomenon in which through mechanical actions such as rubbing, grinding, agitation, friction or deformation, ruptures occur in the chemical bonds of a certain material, thus producing flashes of light”.

This means that the flashes are associated with the earthquake from the friction of the particles present in the earth’s crust that generate electrical and electromagnetic effects.

“The rocks of the earth’s crust such as basalt and gabbro tend to have certain imperfections and when subjected to this friction they release electrons or electrical charges,” Esteban Hernández, an academic from the UNAM Institute of Geophysics (IGf), explained to EFE.



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