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In the last two years, marked by the impact of COVID-19, the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) went to the virtual platforms of the Technical Youth Magazine to continue one of its science dissemination activities, its usual Open Doors.

Now, back to normality, that space returns, but already in the hybrid modality-face-to-face and online-, in the Paraninfo hall of the Academy in Old Havana.

For that reason, invites for this Thursday, September 22, from 10:00 in the morning to its Open Doors, which in this reunion will address the theme: New horizons in the exploration of the Universe: Will we find extraterrestrial life?

On this occasion, the meeting will feature a very special and up-to-date presentation by Doctor of Science Oscar Álvarez Pomares, a well-known astronomer, and other guests, with whom an interesting and instructive exchange will take place.

As announced by the ACC, they recently established a new collaboration with the company CITMATEL -the first of its kind to receive, in March 2021, the High Technology category outside the biopharmaceutical industry-, to continue developing these spaces for all type of public.

In total there are 20 editions, with interviews and dialogue with notable academics and experts, dealing with topics of great scientific interest. They can all be seen and consulted on the site:

The ACC, an official institution of the Cuban State, independent and consultative in matters of science, has its headquarters at 460 Cuba Street between Amargura and Teniente Rey, Old Havana.

Its mission is to contribute to the elevation of the role of science in national culture and the dissemination of the scientific method in society, promoting technical scientific activity, recognition of outstanding scientists and groups. Likewise, it seeks to promote the elevation of the scientific-technical level of the country’s human potential, especially of the young generations, as well as to promote and strengthen inter-academic links with international organizations and counterparts from other countries.

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