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The tropical cyclone will drag a “very high impact” situation in the Canary Islands due to rainfall

The latest update of the EFI (Extreme Forecast Index) and SOT (Shift of Tail) indices do not bring good news for the Canary Islands. According to the meteorologist Juan Jesús González Alemán, “the potential signal increases that the situation could be of very high impact in the Canary Islands with respect to rainfall between Saturday and Monday”, as can be seen in the attached image. below, where the forecast of accumulated rains until Thursday, September 27, is observed.

Predict the effects and the path the tropical cyclone I know has become a real challenge for meteorology experts. Thus, the uncertainty remains high in the first models of this Thursday, September 22. The United States National Hurricane Center (NHC) points out in its latest update that heavy rains and thunderstorms are already being reported near the west coast of Africa, associated with the tropical wave that would form the cyclone. For now, the chance of formation in the next 48 hours is increased to 60%.

The entity, in charge of monitoring the formation of hurricanes and cyclones in the Atlantic, indicates that this wave is expected to reach the warm waters of the eastern end of the Atlantic in the last hours of this day. “After that, environmental conditions are expected to be conducive to its displacement and the formation this weekend of a tropical depression that will slowly move north, between West Africa and Cape Verde,” they explain in the report this morning.

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