Ukraine: Joe Biden attacks Vladimir Putin before the UN General Assembly

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday accused his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, of wanting to end Ukraine’s “right to exist” and issued a strong warning about the use of nuclear weapons.

As soon as he began his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Joe Biden he mentioned the Russian president by name and said: “Vladimir Putin He assures that he had to act, because Russia was being threatened. No one threatened Russia. No one but Russia was the one who sought the conflict.”

He assured that the war was the “choice” of a single man, Vladimir Putin and accused him of wanting to “erase” Ukraine from the map, in a “blatant” violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the founding document of the organization and axis of the global liberal order created after World War II.

“This war seeks to end Ukraine’s right to exist, simply put,” he charged. Joe Biden.

The US president condemned the actions he has taken in recent hours Vladimir Putin who has ordered the partial mobilization of 300,000 Russian reservists for the war in Ukraine.

Also, Joe Biden accused Vladimir Putin to make “irresponsible threats about the use of nuclear weapons”, after the Russian leader promised to protect his country “by all means” and said that those who seek to “blackmail” with atomic weapons should know that “the rose of winds can turn against them.

UN Security Council Reform

On the other hand, Joe Biden He called for a reform of the UN Security Council, with an expansion of its permanent and non-permanent members, after this body had been blocked by Russia’s veto during the war in Ukraine.

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The president stressed that the permanent members, including the United States, must “avoid the use of the veto except in unusual and extraordinary situations” to ensure that the Security Council is “credible and effective.”

Also, Joe Biden He stressed that the United States is in favor of increasing the number of members of the Council and of giving permanent seats to countries in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean.

“I think the time has come to make this institution more inclusive,” he said. Joe Biden in his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, which he opened with a plea in defense of the founding Charter of the organization.

The possible reform of the Security Council has been on the agenda for decades, but until now no progress has been made on how to do it, with different proposals on the table for years.

The main decision-making body of the United Nations has five permanent members with veto power (the United States, Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom) and another ten who are elected for two-year terms.

The right of veto has meant that the Council has been blocked in the face of numerous recent conflicts, for example the one in Ukraine, where Russia has prevented any decision.

(With information from EFE)


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