University professors support popular referendum on September 25 (+ Audio)

It also visualizes each family that today inhabits this Island, each one with very different characteristics and as diverse as the Cuba of these times.

This was stated by university professors from Villa Clara who today bet on a positive vote in this new act of Cuban democracy, which thinks not only about the present, but also about the future of the country.

The Doctor of Science Ramiro Alberto Pérez Vázquez, secretary of the house of high studies in Villa Clara, stated that it is an inclusive Code and “I believe that everything that includes us must be defended,” he specified.

For his part, Dr. Ángel Guido Navarro, director of Professional Training at Villa Clara University, pointed out that after having studied the articles of the law, he is convinced that it is a Code that bets on the right of every Cuban and every Cuban, to all families, “it is a novel, futuristic standard, and that is why I subscribe to it,” he added.

Also Dr. Neivis Casdelo Gutiérrez, vice-rector for Undergraduate Training at the University, said that “I am going to give my vote yes, because it is very tempered to the conditions of today’s Cuba, it speaks of inclusion, it does not leave anyone helpless. , values ​​the human being in all its essences”, he concluded.

The Article Is In Spanish🡽

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