UPEC Statement: Code Yes

The “Code of affections” that, with a more formal and precise name, we will vote in a referendum on Sunday, September 25, is also, and not only for journalists, a communication norm. This is how the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) welcomes it.

Beyond recognizing the right to communicate within families, this instrument is born from an extraordinary exercise of plurality and transparency that could be further refined —from the homes, which are the central newsroom of existence— if the majority of Cubans she decides to embrace him as one embraces a protective family member.

Nearly six and a half million compatriots, relatives, and relatives, but above all “lovers” of the collective good, participated in the meetings to outline the text, which is submitted to the polls after its twenty-fifth version.

Now we undertake, united, an attempt 26 in the form of a referendum, and we do it with good omen because the children and grandchildren of guerrillas are good at that number.

Yes, in July as in September, this instrument that is proposed in the midst of an adverse situation, with a courage that bears our surname — Cubans! — , can be assumed as the Moncada of the family, the most intimate, the one that starts for life, like the old barracks for the Revolution, the main engines of the country. Therefore, we journalists put our credit in yours.

What a domestic portrait: we are little more than 11 million Cubans to move a country of low fertility, high life expectancy and with a persistent negative migratory balance. We are fewer and live longer, almost half of the households are headed by women, the divorce rate is high and about 30 percent of children and adolescents live with grandparents.

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The Code, which “knows it” because we communicate it to it in an interactive dialogue, aims to prevent and alleviate the pain contained in these figures, promote projects and strengthen families without losing sight of tenderness.

Communicator as she is, Patricia Arés has said it with the love of a woman and the sharpness of a psychologist: in addition to addressing diversity, this Family Code considers the social heterogeneity of the nation. If we journalists will know: the strongest peoples are woven with threads from their families!

Few topics illuminate the agenda of a reporter, or of an entire media, as much as those two: society and nation. We Cuban journalists who, rather than in the academies, receive our tools to improve the world in the dialogues at home, are champions of the chronicle of the autonomous and secure elderly; of the caretaker’s note well cared for; we are enthusiastic editors of the commentary of the defeated macho and the woman in fullness; We are proud co-authors of the chronicle of the couple of any sign that agrees and loves equally, banishing violence.

The press, which has often appeared alone and unarmed —with no other resources than truth and emotion— at the window of a thousand family sorrows, has its code to accompany the Code. With it in force, we would better defend the recognition of sexual and reproductive rights in the family, without exclusions or discrimination.

No, the Code would not be alone. There is a lot of communication to be given to prevent child marriage and teenage pregnancy and educate from an early age for responsible sexuality. There is a lot of journalism to do to help the family communicate online, from the old pitchforks that spread the last name, to the last offspring, wherever it has germinated.

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Cubans like the palm that guards the blue sky of the Shield between hills, we journalists understand how much a cross weighs on that ballot that asks us to endorse the equality, before the law, of all people. In a small line fits the deepest item. Few press in the world has crossed as many spears for equality as the Cuban press, which silences its own miracles when it wages battles with more whys than with what, so that the greatest aspiration of the Code, fairness, is for this guild to cover shared, news under construction…

Regardless of how each one arranges the furniture or lavishes their affection, Cuban journalists feel like family to each family. Your dream, joy or pain are ours; your victory will be too. Love (is) won with communication.

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