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Venezuelan comedian vanessa senioris on tour with his show “One Night Incidents”and this time it was up to Chilia country where he recently offered a press conference in which a journalist asked him what his most significant spite was, and Senior’s response left quite a few in the dark.

“The last woman I remember in my life is called DJ Nany, there is no one else, that has been my last truly stable relationship and it left me something excellent, women are not talked about in passing, DJ Nany never raised his voice to speak ill of me” rreferring to his penultimate public partner, Daniela Vásquez.

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The comedian ended with “PTherefore, my last known relationship with someone famous and successful is with DJ Nany, Daniela Vásquez, she doesn’t exist anymore, from then on it has been pure marketing, DJ Nany is the last one and she is the one we can talk about “, being applauded and cheered by all those present.

Let’s remember that Djane Nany and Vanessa Senior They were together for about a year, but after that relationship, the comedian had two more, one with the Venezuelan dancer, Stolen Starand another with the model, nanny moonwith whom he married and a few months ago they put an end to it.

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