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In recent weeks, a series of complaints have appeared on social networks – all very serious – against Víctor Bazán, candidate for mayor of San Isidro by the party We are Peru. On Twitter, a list of alleged files was even spread that would involve him in cases such as violation of the sexual freedom of a minor under 14 years of age, driving while intoxicated and illicit drug trafficking, among others.

In dialogue with TradeBazán affirmed this morning that some of the complaints are false “with the intention of harming the campaign,” although he acknowledged that others are true.

The Somos Perú candidate has had his driver’s license suspended since last year for driving with the presence of alcohol in his blood, which is considered a very serious offense in the National Traffic Regulations.

“It was not while intoxicated, I spent a little more than allowed: Two and a half glasses of wine, after a dinner with my wife. […] It was a mistake. From that moment I know that I should not drink a single drop of alcohol when I drive.he pointed.

However, years before, in 2012, Bazán was sanctioned for the same reason: driving his vehicle with alcohol in his blood. “Yes, it was the second time. […] We have been in meetings and the amounts that came out in the breathalyzer tests were minimal. Sometimes unforeseen things happen, but it’s not like I’m used to driving like this.”answered.

On the other hand, Bazán denied that there is an open fiscal file against him for alleged rape, corruption or other alleged crimes. He asserted that the files spread on social networks are false. “I have gone to the prosecutor’s office to search and there is nothing in process”he detailed.

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[Lo mostrado en redes sociales] it is totally false and part of a systematic campaign, a dirty war financed by I don’t know who, which is the modus operandi of a mafia. […] A lot of attacks have appeared, false accusations against me, seeking to discredit me with the intention of harming the campaign”answered.

Bazán received us in his office, where he stated that he did not physically or psychologically attack his ex-partner.  (Photo: Eduardo Cavero)
Bazán received us in his office, where he stated that he did not physically or psychologically attack his ex-partner. (Photo: Eduardo Cavero) / EDUARDO CAVERO

Other accusations

Videos recorded by Gabriela Preciado – Bazán’s former partner and former candidate for Congress for the same party – also appeared on Twitter, showing the San Isidro candidate with a firearm and consuming marijuana.

Víctor Bazán said that he has a weapon, but that he did not threaten or try to intimidate Preciado. “[En el video] I don’t have a gun on my body or anything. I have never pointed at a person or used it on my gun. I take courses, I train and I know how to use the weapon, but at that moment I put it in a safe place, because the situation became uncontrollable “he expressed.

However, he admitted that he does not have a license to carry firearms, now or when the videos were recorded. “No, the license is not valid, that is why I do not charge it [el arma]. He is always at my house for protection. It’s pending, yes. My license has not been valid for several years, that is being solved”he emphasized.

Criminal lawyer Rafael Chanjan explained to this newspaper that possessing a firearm without a license is a crime in itself, regardless of the circumstances that Bazán describes. “The crime of possession or illegal possession of weapons does not require that it be used or [la persona] have it in your possession. The mere fact of having it already represents a danger for society if the license is not available. The argument [de Bazán] has no legal basis”commented.

In its article 279-G, the Penal Code specifies that “The one who, without being duly authorized, manufactures, assembles, modifies, stores, supplies, markets, traffics, uses, carries or has in his possession, firearms of any kind, ammunition, accessories or materials intended for their manufacture or modification. , shall be punished with imprisonment for not less than six nor more than ten years.”.

Regarding the consumption of marijuana, Víctor Bazán maintained that he “Yes, I must admit that a while ago I tried cannabis for recreational use, but I am not a regular consumer, it is not my thing, of any substance”. He also denied that after using marijuana he drove his car or engaged in any activity that could put other people at risk.

Finally, the candidate for San Isidro denied having physically or psychologically assaulted his ex-partner. “At no time have I mistreated or assaulted her. On the contrary, since I met her at the party, I have been supporting her on different issues. At no time have I mistreated anyone.”he indicated.

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