[Video] “Calm down or I’ll kill you”: mom ‘reassures’ her daughter in tremor in Mexico

The ground shaking that was recorded in Mexico had intensities of 6.8 and 7.4 degrees and they gave for all kinds of reactions, as there were those who remembered the earthquakes that occurred on the same date in 1985 and 2017.

Meanwhile, others took the opportunity to film funny situations, since everything coincided with a national evacuation drill that was taking place at that time.

That was how a man earned the popular description of “hero” for preventing a large number of bottles full of liquor They fell off a table due to the seismic movement.

But he was not the only subject that went viral, since a woman unseated him due to his strange way of comfort his scared and daughter during the shaking, because he scolded her and threatened her with all kinds of vulgarities.

“Calm down or I’ll kill you”: woman ‘reassures’ her daughter in tremor in Mexico

In the recording, the voice of an agitated woman is heard speaking to a minor named Ivet who is scared by the earthquake.

“Ivet, calm down. You calm down or I’ll put a f… Calm down. It’s already happening. Calm down because I’m fucking you, eh… Okay, calm down. It’s already happening, Ivet”, she can be heard.

However, the rudeness is what attracted the most attention, to the point that in networks they titled the audiovisual piece with the phrase: “True Mexican mother knows how to calm her children.”

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Here is the video in question:

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