VIDEO. “I’m going to kill you and order your family to be picked up”, Edomex police threaten driver

CUAUTITLÁN IZCALLI, Mex.- “I’m going to kill you, I’m going to send you and your family to get up!” municipal police a motorist who refused to be stopped for alleged misconduct Traffic Regulationswhen questioning that the public servant was not empowered to infringe and that in this municipality the fines are suspended.

The events occurred in the area of ​​San Martín Obispo in Cuautitlan Izcalliwhen the crew members of the municipal patrol 2785 presumably caught up with the driver who resisted arrest.

“Bastard, bastard and a half! Don’t want to be smart, I’m stopping you for an infraction, I’m an authority!” The policeman yelled at him, to which the driver replied “But you can’t infracte.”

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“I’m stopping you for the Municipal Edict, start reading!” argued the officer, since in the Mexico state The only ones empowered to apply traffic violations are female traffic agents, as long as they wear a dark uniform and have electronic manual terminals.

Realizing that he was being captured on video, the policeman threatened “record him well, because I’m going to have you killed, I’m going to have you and your family picked up!” phrase to which he added insults.

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Izcalli calls a motorist to report to the police

After the broadcast of a video in which a municipal traffic policeman appears, insulting and threatening a driver in the San Martín Obispo area, authorities from the Cuautitlán Izcalli General Police Station for Citizen Security rejected “all kinds of violence and behaviors that threaten the safety of citizens and that put their integrity at risk.”

“We strongly condemn behavior and attitudes of this nature by any of our elements or collaborators of this corporation,” said authorities of the Police Station.

Therefore, they urged the citizen involved to go to the Police Station facilities to file a complaint with the Honor and Justice Commission to apply the corresponding sanctions.

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