Vox closes the door on Olona’s return to the match

vox has settled this Thursday the possibility that the former deputy Macarena Olona return to the party “in view of the damage that is being done” to the formation through her, while wishing her “the best politically”. “This is the end of the road, we wish you the best politically and you will always have us at your personal disposal,” Vox spokesman in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, told journalists.

The leader of Vox has wanted to “settle” the open controversy with Olona in recent weeks in which the former candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía had slipped some criticism towards Vox about its internal organization.

Espinosa de los Monteros has not made any further comments on the matter, but he wanted to make it clear that in this matter that he has described as “pink press” he was speaking on behalf of all of Vox. “It is causing immense pain to those of us who are fond of it“, he has reiterated.

Also, has ruled out the possibility that he will return to a front-line position at Vox. As he explained, the party has made this decision “in view of the things that are being published” and “how it is being used to harm a project like Vox’s.”

Until now, the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, had limited himself to summoning Olona to decide if he wanted to return to politics and join Vox again or, instead, had decided to regain his position in the State Lawyer’s Office as announced when he resigned his seat in the Andalusian Parliament last July.

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Olona appeals to the Vox unit

For her part, the former deputy has once again said that Vox is his “family” Y has called for party unity against those who want to sow their division “even if they are inside”. Olona, ​​who left politics after the Andalusian elections for health reasons, has not yet made public whether he will return or not.

In a message on Twitter, he has pointed out that the Vox crisis may be caused from within the formation, although without naming anyone specific. “I ask the entire Vox family, which is my family, to do not let those who want to sow division win. Although they are insidehas warned.

Thus, he has underlined that Vox’s project is Spain and that “Spain will only find itself again from unity”, for which he has encouraged to endure “all that is necessary”, because “it is worth it”.

It is not the first time that Olona has launched veiled criticism of Vox. In statements to ABC, he has spoken of his former formation as an “exclusive” party, has assured that there is a lack of internal democracy and has criticized the secretary general, Javier Ortega Smith.

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In the aforementioned medium, the former Vox deputy has assured that her “lynching” was activated when she requested the meeting with the president of the party, but she has denied that she is throwing any arm wrestling, and that she only aspires to “walk together”. She has also claimed that some saw his illness as an extraordinary opportunity to remove him from the front line of the scene.

Thus, he has warned that “some are making a lot of mistakes by breaking the unity that characterized Vox against other political formations.” “I know where the stab comes from”, he stated and said he did not understand that “personal egos come before the purpose of the project”.

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