Wanchope Ábila pointed against the Council of Boca Juniors: “The miserable one sees himself with power and now they have the power”

The striker recalled how he dealt with the Xeneize authorities

Although his present is focused on Columbus of Santa Fe, Ramon “Wanchope” Ábila is somehow linked to Mouth. Is that the striker left a mark on the Xeneize and in the last hours he tried to “miserableto the members of the Football Council. In addition, the Cordovan accused of having some interference in the assembly of the teams.

The relationship with the Council was strange, they fail in a lot of things and a broken telephone is made until Román (Riquelme) arrives and everything is cleared upwhen it shouldn’t be. They are their ways of managing and developing. I don’t know if they were new or are their ways, the miserable sees himself with power and now they have the power”, pointed out the scorer on the channel Youtube ezekiel.

“What was heard about whether they put together the matches, at least from my colleagues, is that They talked about which games they were going to play and which ones they were not going to play based on the decision of the Council. I don’t know how they deal with the technical bodies, I had to score goals with Miguel Ángel Russo and I was never a starter”, he revealed in relation to his last step through the Boca club.

Wanchopewith conflicting outputs from Mouth, Sarmiento Y Hurricane in his career, he converted a total of 36 points in its two cycles for the Xeneize. “I spent a month training without being told anything, neither from the leadership, nor Sebastián Battaglia. They wouldn’t let me play soccer. That was not new in my career but I wanted to know my situation to know what to do. At one point I got tired of waiting, begging for dialogue and I was hot: that’s why I wrote on Instagram against them”, he recalled.

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At the time, the February 4 this yearposted a message on their social networks that generated a stir in the Buenos Aires entity: “Since January 3, when I started training, I have been waiting for someone to inform me of my situation.and since no one from the Football Council contacted me or my representative, I’m still here generating unnecessary expense and all the things they say behind the scenes. You have until Wednesday to fix my issue. I’m in the locker room for anything.” At that time the player was wanted by Hurricane, Colon and Independent.

In relation to the present, with irregular walking in the set sabaleroclarified that he does not have “problems” with the vice president Juan roman riquelme and also commented that theMouth World it is very big and difficult to handle”. Finally, he also acknowledged that he would like to have a rematch with the blue and gold jersey, but that he imagines it difficult to achieve with the current leadership.


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