War in Ukraine: more than 1,000 arrested in Russia for protesting against Putin’s decision to mobilize more troops while tickets to leave the country run out

  • Laurence Peter and Laura Gozzi
  • BBCNews

Moscow police detain a woman in a protest against the military mobilization announced by Putin.

image source, AFP


Moscow police arrested the protesters on Wednesday.

Russian police on Wednesday arrested hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the Kremlin’s decision to call in thousands of additional troops to fight in Ukraine.

The Russian human rights organization OVD-Info estimated that detainees are more than 1,000. The largest number of arrests took place in Yekaterinburg, a major city east of Moscow.

Dozens of people were also arrested in Irkutsk and other Siberian cities, as well as in the Russian capital itself.

The flights of airplaine for Leave Russia quickly sold out after Vladimir Putin’s announcement.

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