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The computerization of society and the situation of telecommunications were aspects analyzed at the meeting

Mayra Arevich Marin tours the facilities of the Ministry of Communications in Sancti Spíritus and exchanged with workers and managers. (Photo: Miladys González/Facebook)

“The opinions of the people must be addressed in the Citizen Portal and the entities attached to the Ministry of Communications (MINCON) must design an efficient scheme for this to be fulfilled,” said Mayra Arevich Marín, Minister of Communications, in Sancti Spíritus on Tuesday. , when checking the management of the MINCON in the province.

The meeting was part of the actions to ensure the process of rendering accounts of that union to the National Assembly, scheduled to take place in the coming months and it transpired that, in the territory, mobile services do not stop their growth despite multiple economic limitations.

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Mayra Arevich Marín described as “creative” the process developed in Sancti Spíritus by the companies and entities that are part of MINCON here and congratulated its workers. (Photo: Yosdany Morejón/Escambray)

When presenting the central report -also published in the Portal del Ciudadano-, Liliam Rodríguez Landestoy, director of the Territorial Control Office (OTS), referred to the progress of the process of computerization of society and the transition to digital transformation in Sancti Spíritus, among other aspects of interest.

“We have trained workers and we have also created businesses through the payment of services through the EnZona platform for Industrial Markets, Ideal Markets, Warehouses, Restaurants, the Palmares Extra-Hotel Company in the municipality of Trinidad, Acopio and the Fuel Marketing Company, among other”.

He explained that in the province the access of citizens to the use of new computer technologies was favored, through training in the use of mobile devices, tablets, networks and emails, in addition to Transfermóvil and Enzona.

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Arevich Marín was also informed that public telephony is decreasing significantly, since, according to studies carried out, it is losing preference in the market due to the growing use of mobile services and data communication applications available on the Internet such as Todus, WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram.

The meeting was part of the actions to ensure the accountability process of that union to the National Assembly. (Photo: Yosdany Morejón/Escambray)

The director of the OTS highlighted the response given to 590 people pending transfer from fixed telephony and to whom a positive response was recently given, through the use of alternative fixed telephony or TFA.

It was known that through the use of Transfermóvil, the concept of self-management of services is consolidated today, where users can make purchases and configure them, without having to go to commercial offices.

He recalled that the Etecsa Online Services portal (https://tienda.etecsa/visitantes/home) was made available to the population, available 24 hours a day, with free access from any device.

At the end of the year 2021 in the province, 54 percent of the income for this concept was executed in this way and at the end of August 2022, the figure rose to 68 percent.

Similarly, specialists from the MINCON in Sancti Spíritus carried out several trainings for the use of Bulevar Mi transfer, an option that offers businesses and businesses the possibility of managing payments and returns through the Transfermóvil application.

Exchange with directors of the Correos Company. (Photo: Miladys González/Facebook)

Rodríguez Landestoy also highlighted that, in recent months and as a result of the electricity generation deficit in the country, the proper functioning of the province’s telecommunications infrastructure, which includes fixed and mobile telephony, data and Internet, has been hindered.

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This situation has caused the continuous and excessive work of the Generator Sets and the battery backup systems located in all the access equipment and radio bases.

During the previous year, 15,804 mobile services were increased, from a plan of 10,760, which made it possible to conclude 2021 with 297,115 active lines in the province, for a mobile telephone density of 63.88 percent.

At the end of August of this year, mobile services increased by 9,269 lines, reaching the figure of 306,384 (active lines), equivalent to a density of 66.05 percent, which places the province in fifth place. at the country level.

At the end of 2021, Sancti Spíritus exceeded the figure of 13,000 households with internet, a process that continues this year and at the end of July 2022, 13,920 Nauta Hogar services are quantified.

The territory is among those with the highest penetration of the service with 8.27 percent of benefited homes, a figure only surpassed by Havana, Pinar del Río, Cienfuegos and the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud.

The opinions of the people in the Portal del Ciudadano and the entities attached to the Ministry of Communications must be addressed, insisted the Minister in Sancti Spíritus. (Photo: Yosdany Morejón/Escambray).

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mayra Arevich Marín described as “creative” the process developed in Sancti Spíritus by the companies and entities that are part of MINCON here and congratulated its workers.

“We all have to build the digital transformation because we all need it to reach citizens and what they need. We still have a road ahead of us, but Sancti Spíritus fulfills the mission entrusted to it and now it remains to concentrate on resolving the dissatisfactions that still persist in the population”, he indicated.

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The Ministry of Communications is represented in the province by the Territorial Division of the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), the Cuban Post Office and the Young Computer and Electronics Club with 30 facilities, in addition to other entities such as the Division of DESOFT and Radiocuba.

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