“We entered an early autumn”

Autumn is just around the corner. In just two days we will change the season and the weather will change drastically with it. The DANA that currently crosses some points of the peninsula (Valencian Community and the south of Andalusia and Extremadura) will give way to the next one, which will reach almost all of Spain this weekend. The bad weather, however, will not end there. A ‘postdana’ trough it will keep the rains and low temperatures a little longer. Autumn has arrived.

Francisco Martín, meteorologist of weatheredexplained to 20 minutes that currently the peninsula is under a DANA That will happen between this Wednesday and Thursday. “Currently there is a small closed circulation, a DANA. It is nothing more or less than a isolated storm at high levels and right now it is located in the vertical of the Gulf of Cadiz”, he pointed out.

Also, the Weekend will be played by another DANA more intense that will affect the southwest of the peninsula and that “is going to bring a change in weather because a northerly component wind is coming.” On the other hand, Martín has emphasized that this DANA “will pass quickly” and as it is a mobile DANA will not be isolatedwhich is the most dangerous in these cases.

Precisely next week the weather will not vary much, since, despite the fact that the DANA will only last a few days, a trough in height what will it give the welcome to “an early autumn, as it should be at this time,” says Martín.

Types of polar vortex

Possible tropical cyclone and summer of San Miguel

The accumulation of cold air in the Madeira region has left heavy rains in the Canary Islands. These have no forecast of cessation since the south of the Islands is facing a “possible tropical cyclone” that will leave intense rainfall in the archipelago. Despite this possible cyclone, Martín stressed that “if it forms, it will not affect Canary Islands. It will simply be close to the Canary Islands, but it will not affect it”, except for “an episode of rain for this weekend”. will also be recorded in the southern half and the center of the peninsula.

The repercussions of this change abrupt temperatures will be present, above all, in the zone mediterranean and it is already noticeable with the increase in temperatures in the sea. This drop in temperatures and presence of rains could last very little before the “Indian summer of San Miguel”, which, as Martín explains, usually lasts between two or three days, “but they will go down again”.

forecast for this thursday

This Thursday there will be “very strong” showers, especially in the Valencian coast with up to 100 liters per square meter. In addition, in the Mediterranean, especially in Catalonia, Murcia, Andalusia and the Balearic Islands, “persistent” rains will be recorded.

The rest of the peninsula will have cloudy skies with less chance of rain and storms. Instead, the northwestern part of Spain will present cloudy skies.

Risk of flooding in the east of the peninsula

The precipitations that will leave the DANA and the trough in different parts of Spain would be associated with a tropical wave that is moving from the interior of the African continent towards its western coast and it is possible that step up in the next five days until becoming a tropical Cyclone, as reported by Rubén Del Campo, the spokesman for the Aemet.

Showers in the Valencian Community - Archive

“The prediction of this type of tropical systems and their trajectory is subject to many uncertainties”, stated Del Campo, who added that this meteorological phenomenon is would move through Atlantic waters parallel to the African coast, without it being possible at the moment to determine to what degree it will affect the Canary archipelago.

Weather forecast for the weekend

Friday will be the turning point for the arrival of the first DANA. The first changes in temperature will begin to be experienced and the probability of rain will increase as the hours go by, leaving showers in areas of Castilla y León, Andalusia, Navarra and La Rioja.

On the other hand, the Aemet foresees locally heavy rain in the Canary archipelago as of next Saturday, which would mainly affect the western islands and Gran Canaria and would be accompanied by gusts of very strong wind on the summits.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be a temperature drop, precisely in the central part of the northern half. In addition, the Cantabrian area will register light rain and stormy showers. The entry of cold air will produce instability, focusing on the northeast of the country, especially in the Balearic Islands. It will be precisely Sunday when DANA enters the peninsula from the northwest.

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