Wearing a string microbikini Malillany Marín is seen walking in Miami

Malillany Marin moved all his fans with the most recent video he posted on Instagram. She is in Miami and decided to go for a walk to enjoy the sun’s rays and a spectacular view of the sea; She was wearing a lace gown with transparencies that revealed her black string microbikini.

Shortly after, the beautiful Cuban actress took off that garment to show off her statuesque figure, and complemented her look with a hat. Her followers on that social network (which are already more than a million) were pleased with the images, which she accompanied with the message “What do you see in the clouds? I a dragon 🐲”.

Whenever he can Malillany goes to the gym to do various routines. She is passionate about fashion and can’t stop sharing videos of her with her fans in which she shows off her outfits, like a set of black leggings and pink top. Headphones are the must-have accessory while you exercise.

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