iPhone 14 Cover Colors Reveal Apple's Redesigned Phone

It's easy to forget that "being able to call for help" is still the most important function of a cellphone.

Apple may be responsible for all the extra things our phones can do, but today they reminded us of the original, emergency purpose.

Apple has had its annual autumn event, unveiling the iPhone 14 with emergency satellite calling

Series 8 Apple Watches, including the Apple Watch Ultra, are intended for scuba diving and harsh weather.

Usually, Apple product introductions offer a bright vision of an Apple Man's life: clicking photos, riding along a route with a Pacific Ocean view, and sharing photos.

This time was different. W e witnessed Apple's vision of a future where everything is literally attempting to kill us, and doom looms around every corner.

People described how the Apple Watch's ability to dial 911 without a phone saved their lives in a video montage.

Microphone, GPS, gyrometers, and other gadgets can detect an automobile accident. It calls 911 if you don't answer in 10 seconds.

Satellite emergency calling is the most intriguing new iPhone feature. Your ordinary phone may now connect to a satellite when off the grid.

Providing emergency calls in remote areas. Apple will have an emergency call center of their own to help connect you to local services.