King Charles !  Reign Begins 

The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II has a long history of political scandal and dividing public opinion.

No heir has prepared longer for the kingdom than King Charles III.

He ascended to the throne Thursday after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died, completing a destiny set on him at age 3.

In contrast to Elizabeth, who became queen at age 27, Charles is 73 years old. This makes him the oldest British king in history.

Charles is also now head of the Commonwealth, a postcolonial group of 54 countries comprising 2.4 billion people.

He heads 15 nations, including Canada and Australia. After the queen's peaceful, popular reign, there's been disagreement over how he'll rule.

According to YouGov's running tracker, 75% of people favour the queen, while 42% like Charles and 24% despise him.