Nasa Warns of a 260-Foot 

Asteroid Tomorrow

NASA Says a 260-Foot

Asteroid will pass by Earth on September 5. The space agency monitors asteroids that may threaten Earth.

The Research

Says it will approach Earth at 6.98 million miles and 11.20 kilometres per second.

Considering the Asteroid's Size

It might do significant devastation if it reaches Earth. Unless it deviates off its orbital route, which is unlikely.

The Close Approach Distance

Between the asteroid and Earth is not too close, but NASA will maintain track on it in case it deviates from its route.

NASA Considers an Asteroid

Greater than 150 meters that approaches Earth within 4.6 million miles (7.5 million Km) a potentially dangerous threat.

In the Following Days

More asteroids will approach Earth. Tomorrow, an 82-foot-wide asteroid will pass by.