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Rodrigo ‘Cat’ Cuba, who is close to the birth of his second child, next to the businesswoman Alexandra Venturoreappeared on his Instagram account to announce an important decision.

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The footballer of the Sport Boys club was recorded in the apartment where she lived with Melissa Paredes and her 4-year-old daughter. It turns out that “Cat” chose to remodel the little girl’s playroom, who has lived with her paternal grandmother since July by decision of the Judiciary.

“We are giving this room a touch up, all the walls. We are in the first coat of paint, to leave it impeccable”Melissa’s ex-husband commented, showing what was once the place where his daughter played.

In the video you can also see the minor’s toys, such as the small piano, her pink car and the ball pool. The ‘Gato’ department was upside down and he defended himself: It is normal to have this disorder”.

Gato Cuba remodels his apartment |  Instagram
Gato Cuba remodels his apartment | Instagram

As is known, Second Specialized Family Chamber had reported that on September 14 it would confirm or lift the protection measures that the daughter of Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba has.prevented from seeing the minor while the investigations of the Public Ministry last.

Until now There is no pronouncement of the Judiciary on this case.

Will Rodrigo Cuba live with Ale Venturo in his apartment?

Although Rodrigo Cuba confirmed that he is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Ale Venturo, It is unknown where the couple will live to become a family. Let’s remember that, before temporarily taking custody of his daughter, the soccer player assured that he had not told the minor that he had a love relationship with the chef.

Now that you are remodeling your new apartment, Will you live with Ale Venturo in said property?

This department was the subject of controversy in the divorce of Melissa Paredes and Gato Cuba, since the model assured that she gave part of the initial for the purchase of it. “I put 60 thousand dollars in the old apartment, unfortunately they returned only 40 thousand to me”, declared in May 2022.


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