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The Food Bonus 2022 is scheduled to be awarded in the coming days, but what is the LINK to check if I am a beneficiary of said subsidy of 270 soles? In the following note we provide you with the details.

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If you find yourself in a vulnerable situation and you want less than the minimum salary of S/ 1025, You should know that you could be a potential beneficiary of the 2022 Food Bonus. This subsidy will be granted by the Government, through the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS).

Previously, the Midis already approved the regulation (DS 003-2022-MIDIS) of the subsidy. The document specifies who will be the potential beneficiaries of the individual payment of 270 solesaccording to Law 315385.

What is the consultation link with the DNI of the 2022 Food Bonus?

There is not yet a LINK of consultation with DNI of the 2022 food bonus of S / 270. But, in the coming days, through the official channels of the Midis, it will be reported who will be the beneficiaries of this new food bonus, as well as the way to collect the 2022 Food Bonus.

How to consult the 2022 Food Bonus and if I will be a beneficiary

According to Supreme Decree No. 003-2022-MIDIS, people who earn less than the minimum salary of S/ 1025 will receive the new subsidy. This as long as they follow a series of eligibility criteria established by Midis in its regulations.

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Forms of collection of the Food Bonus 2022 of S / 270

  1. Deposit in account.
  2. Digital wallet.
  3. ID account of the Bank of the Nation.
  4. Payment at the window.
  5. Others that are implemented with financial entities with current agreements.

What is the consultation LINK for the first group of beneficiaries of the 2022 Food Bonus?

From August 15 you can make your query through the LINK for him first tranche of the 2022 Food Bonus:


  • enter HERE.
  • Enter your ID number and date of birth.
  • Do it from the web with any computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

pension 65

  • Download HERE the mobile application Yachaq of Pension 65.
  • you can also do CLICK HERE for the consultation with DNI.
  • Enter your ID number
  • Register your date of birth
  • Enter the 4 numbers of the captcha code that appear below

With you

  • The first pattern of additional bonus of 300 soles, within the Food Bonus 2022 It is consulted on the website of the social program Contigo of Peru.
  • Although you can also SEE IT HERE.


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