When and why will it be?

Last Friday, the students and some workers had the opportunity to enjoy a mega bridge 3 days in commemoration of the beginning of the struggle for independence; Thus suspended the activities on September 16 and resumed this Monday 19.

However, because these days are used to relax and take a break from the routine and even make trips or family plans, many people have begun to wonder when the next mega bridge. We tell you.

These days there will be a megabridge

Before the megabridge, students of basic education or schools incorporated into the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), will be able to enjoy a long weekend next october.

This will begin next Friday, October 28, since there will be no school activities due to the Technical Council that takes place the last Friday of month Therefore classes will resume on Monday 31.

However, the megabridge, where there will be 4 days without work, it will take place until November, in commemoration of the Mexican Revolution, on November 20; as well as by administrative discharge.

In this way, students will stop having activities from Friday the 18th of november until Monday the 21st, that is, they will rest from Thursday the 17th and resume activities on Tuesday the 22nd.

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Will the workers have a bridge?

For their part, people who are working will also be able to enjoy a bridge due to the commemoration of the Mexican Revolutionsince this day is considered a holiday.

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So, they can rest on Monday November 21; however, some companies ask their workers to work on this day. If that is your case, they must pay you the total of your daily shift plus double, in accordance with article 74 of the Federal Labor Law.

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