which areas will be affected by storms and strong winds

This Friday, September 23, autumn begins, which will bring instability to practically the entire Peninsula. As the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) highlighted this Wednesday, we continue with a situation of atmospheric instability, with intense storms, which will continue this Thursday in the Mediterranean area and, during the weekend, will occur in the north, east and Balearics.

Likewise, this weekend will be starred by another even more intense DANA that will mainly affect the southwest of the peninsula. “It will bring a change in weather because there is a northerly component wind“, he explains in another article for 20 minutesFrancisco Martín, meteorologist at Meteored.

The most important accumulations in the coming days, according to the latest predictions, could occur in the eastern peninsular areas, with more than 50 or 60 millimeters in Catalonia, southern Aragon or interior of the Valencian Community.

Friday will be a turning day

This DANA will pass quickly and will not be isolated, adds the meteorology expert. During this Thursday the rains could be “locally strong” in areas of the Mediterranean and at dawn “it will rain in the south of Catalonia, most of the Valencian Community, parts of Albacete and the Region of Murcia and especially in the Pitiusas”, they indicate in the prediction of the portal ‘Eltiempo.es’.

A transition day is expected on Friday. “The skies will be cloudy and there will be showers, that in the afternoon they will affect the northeastern quadrant of the Peninsula or other areas of the interior of the extreme east, “they add from Meteored. Thus, strong storms will occur at the end of the day in Catalonia and Aragon.

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Valencia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, the most affected

On Saturday “a trough to the north of the peninsula” could arrive and the latest information shows that it could affect almost the entire country during the weekend. “The rains will affect the northern half of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, although they could spread weaker to the central area, such as the Community of Madrid or points in Castilla-La Mancha,” they add in Eltiempo.es.

The day with the greatest instability will be Sunday, with a trough that will affect a large part of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. “They could only get rid of the rains in the peninsular southwest quadrant, however, they could move towards the east, which would again mean heavy rains in the Mediterranean,” they stress.

In this sense, the worst part of this episode of instability could be on the coast of Valencia, in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. “The rains could be torrential with a Mediterranean Sea that still has very high surface temperatures.”

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