Why are Rubén Darío Insua and Marcelo Tinelli fighting?

Three facts are what could have started with the differences between the coach of the Cyclone and the former president of the club.

San Lorenzo Tinelli Insua

Strong tensions continue between Ruben Dario Insua and Marcelo Tinelli. In this framework, questions arose to understand why the coach of San Lorenzo and the former leader of the club are fighting and without a view to reaching an agreement to resolve the situation.

Why are Rubén Darío Insua and Marcelo Tinelli fighting?

To explain their confrontation, three facts are known. On the one hand, it is believed that Insua is hurt because Tinelli, During his tenure at Ciclón he never went looking for him to return to the club as he did with other coaches who had no history in the club.

Others go back tol 2015, when the Reserve led by Biaggio became champion and the figure was Robertino Insua, son of the current DT. It was sensed that the midfielder would sign his first contract there, but he never reached First Division and then left.

Finally, the third event is from 2002 in a friendly match between Boedo and Deportivo Español held in Bajo Flores. Rubén was the one who directed and Cabezón played for a while, he was known at that time as a famous fan. However, in an attempt to make a joke promoted by Tinelli’s environment, Insua took him out and the anger arose.

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