Why today, September 21, TikTok asks to give away yellow flowers?

On this September 21, 2022, users of TikTok They ask to make a trend that jumps from the social network to reality. And if you have a girlfriend, you should pay attention.

The origin of this request dates back to Argentina and until 2004, but from that year the date has become popular on social networks until it exploded on TikTok.

It turns out that several women want their partners to give them a bouquet of yellow flowers. “Remember men, whoever gives yellow flowers tomorrow, Wednesday 21, stays with her forever,” says one of the most popular videos on that social network.

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Why yellow?

As mentioned above, the network comes from Argentina, where a program called “Floricienta” was so popular that it reached the Disney Channel from a local channel.

From that channel, it was that the program, starring Florencia Bertotti, reached several Latin American countries.


And it was in that soap opera that the trend of yellow flowers emerged on September 21, which is remembered by its fans today, because today is the day of spring in Argentina.

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