Windows 11 receives its first major update: the most important news and features

Windows 11, the latest version of the microsoft operating systembegan to receive first big update with features that enhance security, accessibility, and productivity.

Windows 11 is the “most used and valued” version in the history of the system, according to Microsoft in a statement in which they reported on the deployment of the update launched this Tuesday in more than 190 countries.

Among other novelties, this version incorporates security and privacy enhancements of user data with intelligent application control, so that the user can more confidently download any app.

The update was released for 190 countries.

Following the line of intuitive design that Windows 11 has introduced, the update includes new features in the Start menu that facilitate a faster and more accurate searchstreamlined setup, and improved tracking of current and local events in the widget dashboard.

Audio with subtitles

Windows 11 2022 Update also incorporates the system-wide live captioningwhich are automatically generated from any audio.

New multi-window layouts and improvements to video calls

The snap system designs, which allows you to view multiple applications or documents at the same time, have been improved. Furthermore, in terms of productivity also highlighted are focus session integrations and a “do not disturb” option to minimize distractions.

The company also enabled AI-powered features for the new Windows Studio Camera appto filter out background noise during video calls, blur the background, and generate automatic framing that follows the user as they move.

Auto HDR and variable refresh rate for gamers

Microsoft took the gaming community into account when designing its new update, which includes tools like Clipchamp for video editing and performance optimizations that improve latency and allow you to take advantage of features like Auto HDR and frame rate. variable refresh rate (VRR).

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In turn, Microsoft has released the advance version of amazon-appstorea virtual store where you can find more than 20,000 Android applications and games to download to Windows.

Safety and consideration of environmental impact

To improve security and privacy in a flexible work environment, the company has launched the new Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, a tool that alerts users when it identifies that they have entered their Microsoft credentials into a malicious application or site.

Windows Hello for Business adds a new presence detection feature, so that devices equipped with specific sensors and Windows Hello securely sign in when an authorized user approaches and lock them out when they leave.

For its part, SmartApp Control blocks malicious apps and scripts from runningand can predict the security of an app before it runs on a device.

This new version of Windows 11 takes into account carbon emissions in the area where the user is located. With this information, it is able to program the installations at those specific times of the day when fewer emissions are produced.

The company has also made some changes to the default power settings for sleep mode and screen off, with the aim of helping reduce carbon emissions when computers are idle.

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