Within hours of voting for military reform, they “pressure” opponents with tweets, displays and document leaks

A few hours after it is discussed, and if applicable, the Senate plenary vote on the minutes to extend until 2028 the presence of the Armed Forces in the streetsopposition senators, and in particular the PRI senators, are being “pressed” since social networkswith unfolded and even with the document leak.

On Tuesday night, through their Twitter accounts, the governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya, and the former governor and now ambassador to Spain, Quirino Ordaz, “pressured” senators from that entity to vote in favor of reform which extends until 2028 the participation of the armed forces in public security tasks.

Rubén Rocha Moya, exposed on Twitter “as a statesman, I respectfully exhort, Imelda Castro -Morena-, Mario Zamora Gastelum -PRI- and Raúl Elenes -Morena- senator and senators from Sinaloa, to serve the national interest of providing peace and security to the people of Mexico, in the vote on the reforms that will consolidate the National Guard”.

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For his part, the former governor of Sinaloa and now ambassador to Spain, Quirino Ordaz, through the same social network, trusted the vote in favor of Senator Mario Zamora Gastelum.

“I hope that Senator @MarioZamoraG supports with his vote in favor the issue of constitutional reform so that the National Guard continues to support the people, this reform is beneficial for the country.”

The governor of Hidalgo, Julio Menchaca, also called on the PRI deputies, Nuvia Mayorga, and the PRI coordinator, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong to support the minute.

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“For the good of the people, I make a respectful call to @Nuvia_Mayorga and @osoriochong, senator and senator from Hidalgo, to protect the safety of the citizens in the voting exercise of the reforms that will consolidate the @GN_MEXICO_. It is time to make a homeland ”, posted the president of Morena.

In parallel, in local media in Sinaloa, different displays were also published to ask the legislators of that entity to support the minutes presented by the PRI deputy, Yolanda de la Torre to extend until 2028 the presence of the Armed Forces in public security tasks.

In addition, this morning a draft was made known, which was presumably prepared in the Ministry of the Interior, of an initiative to add a transitory sixth article so that the heads of the Secretaries of Security and Citizen Protection and those of the National Defense and Navy to evaluate the results of the deployment of the Armed Forces.

They would also be summoned to a high-level group with civil organizations and academics on matters of insecurity. The reports will be published together with their conclusions.

However, the coordinators of the PAN, Julen Rementería, and of the MC, Clemente Castañeda, also denied that they were aware of the document, much less that they were negotiating it.

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