Women robbed in Bogotá gave money to a thief who fell from his motorcycle when he ran over an old man

Insecurity in the capital of the country continues to be overwhelmed and there are daily cases of citizens who were victims of criminals. Armed robberies and motorcycle robberies are perhaps the modalities most used by thieves, who act regardless of time or place.

One of the most recent events, which occurred on the morning of this Tuesday, September 20, in the town of Engativá, was recorded on a security camera, according to announced Caracol News. There you can see how two women, who were robbed seconds before, They kicked and punched the delinquent who tried to flee on a motorcycle.

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In the images published by the news, it is seen that the thief falls to the ground, after running over an older adult who was crossing the road where he tried to escape. This was used by the women, who immediately pounced on him to hit him even with their bags.

In fact, it is observed that four other people joined the beating, but The offender managed to get up to run to another motorcycle where his accomplice was waiting for him, with whom he finally escaped.

But not everything was left there, because when he escaped from the blows that the community was giving him, the thief left the motorcycle on which he fell lying and it ended up burned by the citizens.

As for the 80-year-old man – who was moving around the sector in search of a drugstore to buy medicine for his daughter – he was taken to the Partenón Clinic for his respective evaluation and in the next few hours he would be discharged, he explained. the same medium.

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“The people identified themselves and the Police began to search for recordings to find their whereabouts. Citizens are invited not to do justice by their own means,” Major Rodolfo Bosque, commander of the Engativá police station, told the channel.

Thief in Bogotá ended up beaten by women he robbed

Here, the video of what happened shared by Noticias Caracol:

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