Xbox already has its new September update

Microsoft systems do not stop improving, that is why with each update that reaches our Xbox, this improves substantially. They are certainly new options and bug fixes that help the development of the console and that we can enjoy it more.

Thanks to the Xbox website we can see in detail what this new brings update and without a doubt, we find great improvements that we can enjoy from now on. Why yes, this update It is now available for everyone, so don’t waste a second and get into it.

Xbox brings us all these news

Are you ready? We are going to make a small summary point by point so as not to miss anything. I already anticipate that there are aesthetic things – that many will like – and things that have to do with the functionality of the library. A renewal of this to make it simpler.

  • You can customize the color of the button on the Elite 2 wireless controller.
  • The Elite 2 wireless controller is now available from today.
  • Easy access to all your games and apps thanks to a revamped library.
  • New installation options for games.
  • Noise reduction in the parties for xboxone

This is not all that the September update offers us, but it is perhaps the most important. If you want to know a little more about it, I will briefly summarize what each section brings us.

Elite 2 Wireless Controller

The first two points are summarized here, and the fact that the command is already on sale does not have much possible explanation. Refering to color customization of the start button of the control, we can change the typical white color thanks to an application that is incorporated into the console. Go for red, blue, our beloved Xbox green, or whatever your favorite option is.

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Improved game library

now it’s a lot more easy find your games and applications, in addition, on their cover we will also be told if we have bought that game or if, on the contrary, it is part of a subscription such as EA Play or Xbox Game Pass.

New installation options

Now you can also configure from the options menu the installation features of your games or applications. This way you can keep your different hard drives selected for the deliveries you want, something that will save us time and make life easier.

Sound reduction at parties

Something that we can already enjoy on Xbox Series X | S comes with this update to Xbox ONE. This new advantage causes noise to be reduced, thus improving the audio quality and improving user conversations.

This is perhaps the most remarkable, but if you want to take a look at the full notes, here I leave the link to the web so you don’t have any problems. What do you think of the update? It certainly seems that they are necessary improvements, we will see what reception it has in the hands of users.

If, on the other hand, you are more of a PC, here is a piece of news with the update that the platform has undergone yesterday.

Xbox already has its new update for September - Xbox welcomes the new update for the month of September.  Great innovations come to our consoles to improve it even more.

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