“You will be very sick, but…”: Fran Conserva detailed a curious anecdote about Claudia at Fiestas Patrias

The TV+ panelist, Fran Conserva surprised after recently revealing a curious anecdote in Milf with her sister, Claudia Conserva, who is fighting cancer.

It all started when the women addressed the things they did at the National Holidays, where Fran gave details of a fun moment she lived with Pollo Valdivia’s wife who offered to cook a typical dish with little success.

“Claudia said ‘don’t worry, I’m going to make empanadas’. And I ate dough, because she made them with baked cheese, they opened and it turns out that when she took them out, she ate all the cheese that was left on the tray and our filling was pure air, ”she revealed with a laugh.

“It’s a piece of cake to make cheese empanadas because you have to put a lot of stuffing and seal them well,” said Berta Lasala, giving tips on her work because she is in charge of the kitchen section of the show.

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“I told her ‘Claudia, forgive me. You will be very ill, but this is not a dish for the family,'” Fran Conserva said jokingly and causing laughter in the studio.

“Later we made a roast and it was exquisite because my brother-in-law, El Pollo, did it. He did it with firewood, he started to light the fire and at around 5 in the morning we were all smoked, but very tasty, ”revealed the panelist.

“La Claudita also made mayo potatoes, which never fail. I made brown rice, but it burned. She made muffins with dates, so they would be healthy,” she added, revealing other dishes they cooked at her family event.

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