Züleyha meets Abdülkadir while Fikret hears from Demir

In today’s episode of ‘Tierra Amarga’ we have seen how Bethul he listened to Abdülkadir and tried to seduce Herkan. He was Demir’s confidant in the Yaman company, and he is always attentive to all the changes that the new boss makes… Therefore, the young woman has decided to try to win him over to try to make him not be so on top of her, ¿ will he get it?

On the other hand, we have seen how Lütfiye became the greatest support Zuleyha, while the young woman is having such a hard time, Fikret’s aunt is the only one who is constantly there for her. Lütfiye is embarrassed to take advantage of Demir’s wife’s situation, but she has made it clear to him that she is not doing him any harm, but the other way around.

In the next chapter we will see how Zuleyha meet Abdulkadirand on the other hand, Fikret in Syria he finds out things about Demir… His contact assures him that he is not there! Where can he be if not? They will continue to search tirelessly, but will they find him?

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